How Do You Close Your Cheeks?

Step 1: Preparation

Wash your head with soap and water to make sure there is no oil in the area. Cover the administrator directly to make it more sensitive to skin and tumors.

For people with long hair, the hardest part of wearing a wig is hiding your hair. The sky has a layer of skin color. It is best to tie your hair first before using a needle cover. If the hair isn’t too long, you can straighten it. It recommends that if the hair is too long, first twist through the nose, straighten the hair, and use a curling iron.

Attach glue with a brush to cover—dry light objects with fresh air for 30 seconds.

Keep your shoulders in front of you and hold it with both hands for at least 60 seconds. Rub the side of your scalp and press it back for a minute.

Step 2: Tie a wire to the length of the rope

Assemble the entire chain. This is only necessary when using a fan for the first time if the manufacturer has cut the string, it is not required. To loosen the rope, place the veil over your head. Using hairpieces, pull the needle out of the headline.

Use sharp scissors to cut anything that comes out of the hair. Cut the cable to avoid accidents; you need to cut it. Be careful not to cut the weasels. You should have short hair for your hair, but not more than 1 centimeter.

Step 3: Protect your skin.

Swatch Clean your hair with a cotton swab soaked in isopropyl alcohol to remove grease that prevents the glue from sticking to your body.

Apply a protective layer to the skin like hair. It is only necessary if you have sensitive skin.

Step 4: Apply and Paste

Wrap your fingers in your favorite product or control corner gel to straighten the finish.

If using glue, apply a thin layer with a small brush or dressing table along the length of your hair. If you use fabric softener, do not shave. Wait until the glue sticks to the liquid. If you use harder materials, you can use needles more quickly, as this type of glue can be applied immediately.

Step 5: Wear your clothes.

He wears a beard. Several lines are connecting the lower and inner sides of the Xarigyo.
You can tighten his head. Tie back and forth. Press and hold the front; then, you can begin to pull back. Be careful not to overdo it!

Shoulder glue should first apply to the hair in the middle of the forehead. Lightly wrap the shoulders around the sticky skin and wrap it around the hair until it is completely covered.

Step 6: Keep your shoulders

Pull down the bottom and adjust if necessary. Curling iron helps to soften the hair modeling surface. Press the ear corner for five seconds to cling to the skin of the ear. Adjust the wig to your needs.

Wrap a stick around your face. This most comfortable way to get to the center of the wig is to cut the hair on your chin. Hair extensions expose hair follicles. The center of the hair axis should be parallel to the hair on the forehead.

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